Drugs uses in bodybuilding

From last many years drugs used in sports has been a controversial topic. The most notable explorer of consuming drugs in sports was John Ziegler. He was a physician of the weightlifting team of United States. In the year 1959 he has created the anabolic steroid which is commonly known as Dianabol. This steroid is currently sold in oral as well as injectable forms. It has gained popularity since then amongst bodybuilders and all the people who wants perfect body. Bodybuilding perhaps more so than other athletic pursuits, is a socio-cultural environment which normalizes the instrumental use of steroids and steroid accessory drugs.

While the other uneducated people in large number cast their judgment down on those who use other performance enhancing drugs such as cheats. Mostly these people are small minded and fail to see the both sides of the story. So the major aim of this article is not just casting my opinion but to tell the readers both sides of the argument.

To support its usage

In 2004 Savulescu, Foddy & Clayton supports the open use of performance increasing drugs. They also explain that the welfare of athlete is their primary concern. If the drug doesn’t have an excessive risk to an athlete than we must allow them to consume it for enhancing the performance.

To support its disuse

Safety is considered as the most controversial component of performing enhancing drugs. There is such a case of 23 years old bodybuilder, he had taken an unknown amount of anabolic steroids combined with many other performance enhancing drugs over a period of about 9 months. After he visited a dancing club he went to bed at 4 AM and after 6 hours he was found unconscious. So the resuscitation was unsuccessful.

So at the end we got to know that performance enhancing drugs is a challenging topic and needs to be resolved. It is advisable to create a safe environment for athlete and do not forget that every athlete wants to perform their best. Hopefully this has proven useful, and you can now make your own educated opinion of drug use in sport and in particular bodybuilding